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“I heartily recommend the Tap.Tools objects; I can’t imagine making patches without them.”
—Bill Evans, Centre for Music Technology, University of Glasgow

“A monster set of externals, this is a powerhouse you (at the least) need to check out…”
—Darwin Grosse, CreativeSynth


The Story of TapTools

I began using MSP in 1998 after being amazed following a demo of it given by David Zicarelli at the SEAMUS conference at Dartmouth. I later wrote my first Max external in 1999 under the tutelage of Ichiro Fujinaga. Before long I had built myself a toolbox of handy abstractions and externals to realize the music I was writing and experiment with some area of research interest.

It wasn’t long before people started asking if they could buy these objects. At first I was hesitant and decided to give them away. I gave away the source code too. This was great, but I eventually needed to derive some income from them to justify the burden of supporting them for the use of others.

Thus began a 10 year journey from TapTools 1.0 in 2002 until 2012 where TapTools existed as a set of commercial add-ons for Max, MSP, and Jitter. At first there were very limited (and expensive) options for doing things like reverb and pitch-shifting in Max. There were very few free VST plug-ins at this time, for example. A lot has changed since then!

Now TapTools has returned to its roots. It is a free download. The source code is available. There is no authorization. You may donate if you find that these objects are of value, but it’s up to you.

If you use the TapTools to do something cool, then please let me know! It’s always exciting to see what amazing things are being done with them. Thanks!


“Tap.Tools is my favorite Max add-on; an indispensable collection of time-savers at a really low price”
—Peter Kirn, CreateDigitalMusic


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