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Plugtastic is still in development. You should follow us on  Twitter to get the latest updates.

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      • Also does instruments :-)

        To be clear though, all of the objects that you use must be Jamoma DSP objects — not just standard Max/MSP objects — in order to function in the plug-in environment. Jamoma DSP is open source and easily extendable (for C++ nerds), but the current set of objects available definitely offers more in the way of effects processing than instrument building.

    • I’m currently planning on releasing it as a part of Tap.Tools 4. Nothing certain just yet, but I’m pretty stoked about it! I’m hoping to firm-up the plan and make an announcement sometime in the next month or so.

      • I will upgrade from Tap.Tools 3 to 4 for this plugin alone

  1. Will this eventually be extended to do more than just AU plugins? My main DAW is Pro Tools – I can finagle VSTs to run in PT, but AU on PT seems to be a non starter, which is sads. Any plans to make a VST/RTAS version of plugtastic?

    Also, totally want in that sexy beta.

  2. This is good news indeed. Never could get excited about Live, hence M4L a bit of a non-starter for me, but I miss the Hell out of Pluggo.
    +1 for other plug formats, but I’m guessing RTAS at least will be problematic, and I’ll be well chuffed just to be able to build AU’s. Better make friends with Jamoma, then!

    • Yes, RTAS has special licensing restrictions. At some point it may be possible, but certainly not initially.

      If the AudioUnit release is a success, then it can help to finance the development of support for other formats and platforms such as VST.

      And, fortunately, Jamoma is very friendly :-).

      • Honestly I’d be pretty happy with VST, especially if I could use that (mildly janky) VST to RTAS converter package with it.

        Who do I throw money at to make it happen? :P

  3. I do agree with all of the ideas you have offered to your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for beginners. May just you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

    • The project needs volunteers to help work on this functionality. I’m happy to help, but someone else will need to take on much of the work. The upside is that it should not be too difficult for someone who is familiar with the VST SDK.


  4. cool project!
    any hope for a future VST windows platform version?
    and any hope for tap.tools4 on windows?
    thanks and congrats!

    • The Windows VST platform version just needs a volunteer to join the project and take the lead.

      Since dropping support for Windows in Tap.Tools 3 a couple of years ago, this is only the second time someone has asked about it. It’s hard to justify the exhausting effort when there is so little interest in it.

      Maybe such support could be added as a consulting project though, depending on the budget ;-).

  5. Hi Tim!
    Probably was me doin’ even the first request. ;-P
    I’ve bought a TapTools license and using the old version.
    But i still hope that we can have a TapTools new versione and Plugtastic fo VST Win in the future !
    Since Cycling 74 adbandoned Pluggo, Plugtastic would be a dream !

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